Friday, July 31, 2009

Scattered clouds

So where is this "cloud" physically ... in meat space.

I went to find out. First, I started with a very helpful grid courtesy of John L. Willis's IT Management and Cloud Blog at That provided the names of the known vendors and what they provide.

The next question was, Where were they providing these services? That is, where were the actual data centers located? I got that from a combination of company web sites, regulatory filings, my own industry experience and a fantastic online resource called Data Center Knowledge at

Here's what I came up with ...

Now, I don't guarantee that this is 100% correct. It's just a first pass. I'd appreciate any comments or corrections.
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  1. You can add GoGrid to the list :). Feel free to call me with any questions, 415-671-7123.

  2. Thanks to Josh Beil for this:

    We'll be updating this entry soon

  3. another provider out of Ireland ...

  4. Rejila in Australia